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Dorrance Dance

Sunday, November 18, 2018 • 3 PM

Dorrance Dance is an award-winning dance company that aims to honor and expand America’s original art form: tap dance. The company’s inaugural performance garnered a Bessie Award for “blasting open our notions of tap.” Founder Michelle Dorrance was awarded a 2018 Doris Duke Artist Award and has been called “one of the most imaginative tap choreographers working today" (The New Yorker).
The program includes the exhilarating Myelination (2017) set to live, original music; the rarely seen, Bessie Award-winning Three to One (2011); and the whimsical Jungle Blues (2012).
“[An] effervescent, twitchy piece… [Myelination] showcases a bit of everything: from graceful, gliding swoops to one-armed balances that pull hip-hop back to tap… Throughout, Dorrance, a brilliant conductor, pushes the boundaries of tap while exposing its true nature: that it is music.” (The New York Times)
Three to One: “An odd, seemingly impossible marriage of tap and modern dance that came off edgy, seductive, and smart.” (Chicago Tribune)
Jungle Blues unleashed undulating torsos, rolling hips, and shimmying shoulders. Knees and feet swiveled side to side like well-oiled levers, and dancers slid across the floor and balanced on toes.” (The Boston Globe)

icon On sale to Chairman's Circle and Backstage Players (Donors giving $1,000+) July 9 at 10 AM
icon On sale to Peacekeepers
(Donors giving $500+) July 10 at 10 AM
(Donors giving $250+) July 11 at 10 AM
(Donors giving $125+) July 12 at 10 AM
icon On sale to the public July 13 at 10 AM
icon $35-$55

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