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Donate and Name A Replacement Seat

During the summer of 2018, the Peace Center plans to replace all 2,111 seats in the Concert Hall. In addition, the entire audience chamber will receive a refresh, including new paint and stain, acoustic curtains, light fixtures and enhancements to our assisted listening systems.

Right now, you can help support this special project with a donation to replace a seat to honor a friend, family member, colleague or employee. Donate one, or several. You can even name an entire row!

By making a special seat replacement gift of $1,500 per seat (payable in 10 monthly installments if you’d like), a seat plaque can be inscribed with your name, or the name of someone you wish to honor. This recognition will remain for the life of the seat and, of course, your donation is 100% tax-deductible.

If you’d like, you can take home one of the original seats for each replacement you give, as a memento of unforgettable Peace Center experiences.

To donate to this special campaign,
Select your donation below
Call 864.679.9233

If you’re interested in the 10-month payment plan option or would like to donate more than four seats, please call 864.679.9233.

By participating in this important campaign, you’ll make a lasting statement about your love for the Peace Center, and at the same time, help fund this substantial capital project.

Please Note:
A seat-naming gift does not guarantee a specific seat assignment for performances. But with each seat, you make a statement about your love for the Peace Center.

Select Your Donation

Select one of the options below to make a seat replacement gift. You will be contacted by a member of the development staff for your inscription details.

Frequently Asked Questions

I love the current seats and leg room in the Concert Hall. How will this compare to the new ones?

Great question! One of the most important parts of your Peace Center experience is the comfort of the chairs in which you sit. The original seats were selected to be roomier than most, the upholstery was superior, and the leg room was ample. The new seats will be practically identical in comfort and quality, and will once again sport upholstery produced by the West Greenville mill KM Fabrics. Leg room will remain the same, as will the integrity of the original continental seating design.

Can I select the exact seats I’m naming?

Our goal is to put your recognition front and center. As a result, seating plaques will be assigned on a first come, first served basis working from the front orchestra back.

  • Anonymous
    Linda N. Albright
    Jean Aldridge
    Michael and Robin Aleksinas
    Bill and Ruth Allee
    Tom and Dawn Anderson
    Shaun and Nancy Arness
    Teresa Atkinson
    Michael and Vickie Balchunas
    Dr. Janis Bandelin and Mr. Bill Fitzpatrick
    Richard and Karen Bates
    John T. and Carolyn P. Bennett
    Will and Sue Benney
    Paula and Stanley Bikulege
    Jon and Christina Bittrick
    Mr. Blair Boan
    Ralph and Marilyn Boeker
    Tom and Brenda Boone
    Dennis and Phyllis Braddock
    Joe and Mary Brandl
    Craig and Vicki Brown
    Mr. Jeff Brown
    John and Sherry Brunett
    Ms. Kathy M. Burdette
    Kelly Byers and Tom Wagner
    Ann and Matt Bynum
    Mrs. Sharon Carlton
    Robin and Andy Carroll
    John A. and Jane F. Carson
    Cynthia Cartee
    Rebecca and Robert Cartledge
    The Chaddick Foundation
    Ms. Bobbie Lee Chapman
    Mike and Ann Chengrian
    Jim and Toni Childers
    Ethel and Jim Childress
    Cleve and Cheryl Christophe
    Scott and Pam Christopher
    Peggy Clinkscales
    Bradley Collins
    Gary and Lee Comprini
    Claudette Corbett
    James and Janice Cordes
    Mr. and Mrs. Ben Crider
    Kevin and Michele Curry
    Lillian Darby
    Donna Dekay
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeLapp
    Bob DiBella and Carol Savage
    Susan and Bruce Dodds
    Sean Dribben
    Mr. Larry Easterday
    Johnny and Kathy Edwards
    Edwin W. and Elyse S. Evans
  • Russell and Diane Farr
    Tom and Becky Faulkner
    Joanne Finkbeiner
    Drs. L. Allen and Kathryn Freedman
    Paul and Patrica Gaeto
    Mr. Gene Mills Gallivan
    H. Mills Gallivan
    Mr. Harold F. Gallivan, III
    Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gallivan
    Ladson T. Gallivan
    Rick and Sherry Anne Gettys
    Jay and Jodie Grace
    Johnny and Priscilla Hagins, Jr.
    Dexter and Marcy Hagy
    Mr. Phil Hanna
    Topper and Debbie Hartness
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hartness
    Thomas and Cheryl Hatcher
    Eastside Pediatric Dentistry / Glenn Head, DMD
    Heather and Glenn Hilliard
    Sandra Holmes
    Lynn and Tina Howard
    Roger and Michele Huddleston
    Ennis and Dru James
    Joe and Ann Jennings
    A.J. Jester
    John I. Smith Charities, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. George D. Johnson, Jr.
    Joe Jones
    Sally Juhasz
    Lynn Kay
    Ettalee Kearns
    Faye Kirschner
    KM Fabrics
    Peter and Lisa Larocque
    Barry and Cathy Lentz
    Jan and Linda Lucas
    Dr. Katherine Lumpkin-Leech
    Elizabeth Lyons
    Mr. Eric Lysak
    Dr. Tim and Mrs. Alane Malinowski
    Pamela Y. Martin
    Grant and Brenda Mattison
    David McCurry and Bonnie Mullinix
    Mike and Fran McGuigan
    Rear Admiral and Mrs. John Messerschmidt, USN (Ret)
    Michelin North America
    John Miller
    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Moore
    Captain and Mrs. Gene Morin
    Rob and Mary Morris
    Stephen Mulkey
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Muse
    Christopher and Catherine Nall
  • Thomas Nederostek
    John and Linda Neely
    Tom and Susan O'Hanlan
    Dr. Derek Watson and Megan S. O'Neill
    Dr. Ikenna Onyebueke
    Beth Padgett
    Emile and Judy Pandolfi
    John F. Parrott and Rev. Sally Parrott
    Jo Lynne Pearce
    M. Pearce
    Melissa Pereyo
    Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Pieper
    William Price
    Terri Pyle
    Luis and Carlinda Quintero
    Timothy and Susan Reed
    Brian Richards
    Megan Riegel
    Kathy Ruffle
    Jean Runnels
    Walter Hughes and Patsy Sadler
    Mary and Charles Scales
    Bart and Stephanie Schmidt
    Scott and Marcia Schweitzer
    Maureen Shallcross
    Hal and Minor Shaw
    Bob and Shelli Siegel
    Mrs. Mary Jane Simpson
    Rebecca Smith
    Chip and Wendy Smith
    Jim and Lisa Smith
    Graham and Greta Somerville
    Jo Sousa
    Edward and Stella Stall
    Mrs. Elizabeth P. Stall
    Roger and Cher Stamey
    Carey Starbuck
    Prudence Taylor
    Eleanor Terhorst
    Ryan and Emma Thackray
    Nat and Ellen Turner
    George and M.G. Tyda
    Jane and Randy Vogenberg
    Benny and Nancy Walker
    Pam and Charlie Walters
    Robert and Elaine Waring
    Mrs. Russell W. Warren
    Susan Weathers
    Langhorne T. Webster
    Johnathon Wheatley
    Bev and James Whitten
    Steve and Sharon Wilson
    Anne Woods
    Frances Worthington
    Lindsay Young

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